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Farmisphere ensures customers can get protein based and veggie products such as


Smart Agri-pyramid System (SAP-Sys) is A technology-based infrastructure for Urban dwellers to grow food, and make additional income.

Our Farm-Hub

Our Farm-Hub ensures we grow protein and veggies product in small spaces using our SAP-sys units.

About us

Maatalous Nasah is an ag-tech company promoting food security by offering market access and infrastructural solution to rural and smallholder farmers while running a farm hub production within the protein value chain in Nigeria



Our Impact

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Our Values


  • We adopt the use of an Agric pyramid to provide various nutritional protein foods.
  • We adopt organic approach like the use of organic Probiotics for our livestock and Organic Liquid fertilizers for our plant-based product.
  • We adopt best practices in raising livestock as well as processing.


To protect the environment, we utilize a lapping system technology (a bespoke housing system) that’s connected to a bio-gas facility, which recycle organic wastes thereby generating energy for the farm.


In contributing to the social development of our community, we make sure we supply rural farmers with organic liquid fertilizers and dried organic manure, which are required for farm operation to enable them boost stable food production.

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